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Wendy Bevan

Wendy Bevan is a London based artist who pursues a multi-disciplinary approach to her work, as a photographer, musician, and performer.


Born in 1983 in the North of England, Wendy grew up in Suffolk and North Yorkshire. Internationally renowned for her photographic work she is regularly commissioned as a photographer for leading publications around the world, including: Russian Vogue, Italian Vogue, Italian/Greek/ Spanish Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar UK, Muse, Financial Times, The Independent, 10 Magazine, Stiletto, Id and POP Magazine.


She has also taken portraits of artists such as Ryan McGinley, actress Tilda Swinton, singer Debbie Harry, and most recently the band Air.


Harking back to an era of silent films, Bevan’s pictures feature femme fatales, in her most recent series of work The Pain of Desire, Wendy examined how an idealised concept of female beauty and success can cause pain and suffering. The Pain of Desire, series is shown at the Fashion Festival this year at Edinburgh’s Summerhall, coinciding with Bevan’s live show, with her band Temper Temper.


The style of Temper Temper’s music, and the way the songs are performed by Wendy have been nurtured by her visual understanding of the theatre of music, fashion and style alongside references from many sources – contemporary opera, theatre, -lm and art. The performances echo themes found throughout Wendy Bevan’s photographic and film work; drawing together a creative vision and literal voice distilled into a performance. Temper Temper create a world of ambiguity that sends a shiver to the core, in their Edinburgh show this year, their soundscape explores the emotion of the Pain of Desire companioned with a mixture of original and archive visuals created and art directed by Bevan; vacillating from serenity to calm, brutal to beautiful, reflecting the cutting dark side of human desire. Since 2006 Wendy has worked on various different musical collaborations and experimented with cabaret, musical theatre and jazz whilst working as both recording and performing artist on many diverse projects. Wendy’s song Starless Night was co – written with David McAlmont and produced by Paul Simm is to be featured in the -lm On Landguard Point directed by Robert Pacitti which has been released as part of the 2012 Olympiad Festival and scored by Michael Nyman.


As a stage performer, her role in Wedekind’s Lulu at the Hackney Empire in 2009 was reprised during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010 at the Roxy Zoo venue. She has also performed with a variety of top theatre companies including Punch Drunk whose Black Diamond project in 2011 saw Wendy perform as the lost and mysterious femme fatale Jazz Singer Lola. Later this year Wendy will be performing with her band Temper Temper at the Soho Theatre, with the SPILL festival.



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