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Erica Toogood

Erica Toogood is a British clothes designer and product developer. Trained as a pattern cutter, she developed a passion for home grown manufacturing and the time-honoured techniques of English tailoring by working closely with designers at the forefront of British fashion.

A background in theatrical production as well as garment design lends her work a flair for the dramatic, with a deep-seated desire to explore – and test – the boundaries of construction and convention. Merging elements of couture, drama and interior design, she has created bespoke pieces for high-profile clients in the fashion, advertising and magazine industries.

Coupling an interest in the sculptural qualities of fabric with an expertise in classic cutting methods, Toogood’s work examines the idea of silhouette in both two and three dimensions. A strong trend towards form-enveloping abstraction encourages her clients to reconsider their ideas of the human figure.


Sponsors & partners / Dev: Pooka Design: Jaco & co.