Object of Desire – Sex, Fashion and the Female Gaze

Symposium 2016 w/ Betony Vernon, Ulrika Lundgren (Rika), Safia Bahmed-Schwartz, Resha Sharma..

This panel will consider fashion as the physical materialization of desire — examining how our attitudes to sex are made visible, literally, in how we choose to conceal, reveal or adorn our bodies with clothes and accessories. Unpicking the complicated relationship fashion has towards sensuality and sexuality it will interrogate the prejudices and politics of beauty, alongside the rising wave of female image-makers challenging the predominance of the male gaze in fashion, advertising and media.

Photo: Betony Vernon by Ali Mahdavi


Featured Panellists:

Betony Vernon, Designer, Author and Sexual Anthropologist BIO

Ulrika Lundgren, Creative director & founder; Rika Magazine; Rika by Ulrika Lundgren; Maison Rika BIO

Safia Bahmed-Schwartz BIO

Resha Sharma, Designer Fleet Ilya, Leather Fashion and Bondage BIO

Moderated by Alice Pfeiffer, Journalist at Le Monde with subject expertise on sexuality, eroticism, fashion, gender and feminism. BIO



National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland (Auditorium), Chambers Street

FREE (reservation required)

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