Elements Jewellery Showcase

A jewellery showcase celebrating the beauty of precious metals and the creative minds and dexterous hands of seven craftspeople who work with them. Featuring a selection of seven of the talented makers who will exhibit at Elements in November.

Elements is hosted by the Incorporation of Goldsmiths and Lyon and Turnbull and is now in its second year.
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Jenny Deans
Jenny describes her work as ‘elegant jewellery with a playful twist’. Her work explores the visual and sensory aspects of jewellery and its relationship to the wearer, especially people’s love of playing with jewellery.

Yvonne Gilhooly
Using traditional goldsmithing skills, Yvonne’s practice is an exploration of geometry in all its poetic forms. Her fascination with line, form and the void is where she begins.

Gilly Langton
Gilly takes her inspiration from the small Scottish Highland fishing village of Plockton, where she lives and creates her silver, gold and hand dyed elastic jewellery. Gilly’s colourful jewellery reflects the aqua seas and heather covered hills of her breathtaking surroundings.

Letters to Jinny
Borne from a love of days-gone-by and the passing of time, Letters to Jinny is inspired by over a century of family history. Secret compartments and spaces hidden from sight, inside each locket is a folded piece of blank parchment. Letters to Jinny’s lockets take inspiration from Edwardian furniture, aged village architecture, and the marks left by ordinary people many moons ago.

Heather McDermott
The tideline of Skye is a treasure trove of unique objects discarded from the urban environment and deposited by the power of the Hebridean swell. Here rope, wood and plastic take on a subtler identity as wind and wave shape, and re-shape form and colour. These inspirational scenes are developed and translated in Heather’s work by utilising shapes and colours. Unconventional in size and structure, each piece is an expression of sculptural form and is designed to create a statement.

Grainne Morton
The found objects Grainne uses in her work are the main inspiration for my jewellery. Collecting objects from the obscure to the miniature, found and fabricated, is the starting point for most designs.

Misun Won
Misun’s jewellery is inspired from Korean traditional patchworked wrapping cloth ‘Jogakbo’ and its scientific interpretation with fractal geometry theory. Misun’s artistic interpretation on the materials, colours, forms, and the characteristic texture of the materials is significantly influenced by her current surroundings in Scotland.

National Museum of Scotland (Grand Gallery, Level 1)

Free (no reservation required)

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